April 2018 – October 2018

It’s time for a brand new rebound book! We are giving the Dragon Rebound treatment to The Dark Half. What started out as a prank, has now evolved into the next book in the custom-bound series of 1st edition novels by Stephen King. For those who don’t know, some members of thedarktower.org decided to “punk” me by making up an elaborate April Fools day joke in which they created a fake announcement for a new release of The Dark Half.

The perpetrators of this hoax went to a great deal of trouble creating digital mockups, and other embellishments, then packaged it all up as a parody of the work I do. I was flattered. I was ruffled. I was impressed! I liked the concepts so much, that I decided to make their ideas a reality, with a few tweaks and touches from the DRE team. So thank you Simon and Jerome!!

For those unfamiliar with these books, we work with a bookbinder and other artisans, to rebind an original 1st edition page block, and we incorporate elements of the story into the design of the binding. It is our way of honoring the work of Stephen King, and creating an edition that collectors, and fans can cherish.

Quarter Leather Binding

The book is presented in two binding states. Both are quarter bound in leather, with one version bound in black leather, and another in white. Half of the run is white, and half black. When ordering, you can select your preferred color (while supplies last.) The front panels and spine are foil stamped.

Slate Covered Box

We have sourced this incredible Quartzite slate material from Italy, and it will be used to cover the custom box which will house this beautifully bound book. Made to look like George Stark’s gravestone, it is the perfect covering material for this edition. It ain’t cheap, but hey, we want the best for our rebound books!

Lars Hokanson

We have been working with Jake Hokanson, the son of the late Lars Hokanson. Lars was the artist who created the bird engravings which appeared in the 1st edition of The Dark Half. We were so fortunate to have connected with Jake, and he was very helpful in providing us with this artwork. As a way to remember Lars, and pay tribute to his work, the birds that are stamped on the cover of the book, are the very same birds that were created by the artist!

Unique Floating Feathers Endpapers

This Floating Feathers pattern is silkscreened in India on a navy cotton base paper. It has a beautiful texture and feels just wonderful to the touch.

Engraved Wood Block Bonus

ALL orders received will ship with this limited edition promotional item. This is a laser engraved solid wood block, cut to the shape of a gravestone, and expertly engraved. We are only making enough of these for the orders received, and will not be making more.

Limited Edition Letterpress Print Bonus

Included with ALL orders is this special limited edition print of the bird engravings by Lars Hokanson. This is letterpress printed on a beautiful 300 gsm Somerset Velvet cotton paper, with a deckled lower edge. Each print is numbered by hand.

Bangor Public Library Donation

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this rebound edition will be donated to The Bangor Public Library. The vision of the Library is to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the city of Bangor by fostering the spirit of exploration, the joy of reading, the pursuit of knowledge, and the preservation of its community’s history.

Rebound Run

Up until the Rebound IT, these custom bound books were known primarily to a small group of collectors. When we announced the IT book, it generated a lot of publicity, and a whole lot more people discovered Dragon Rebound. Ever since the beginning, there have always been folks who missed out for one reason or another. Now there are just more people missing out.

With a limited run of only 26 copies, demand is far greater than supply, resulting in a bunch of folks who are disappointed that they missed out. But that’s how it goes with limited runs like this. You just can’t make everyone happy. The Wait List that we maintain now has over 250 names on it! We could never satisfy all of these interested parties. But there’s a way to satisfy twenty-six more of them.

When I created the first rebound book, one of my main motivations was the joy it brought to the people who bought a copy. That motivation has not changed, and if I can make a few more folks happy campers, then why not.

For that reason, this rebound edition of The Dark Half will be made in an expanded quantity of 52 books. For some of you who have been on the wait list for a long time, and have desperately wanted one of these books, you will now have a chance to purchase a copy.

If you are on the wait list, and you are one of the next twenty-six people on the list in the order in which you requested to be added, you will receive an email asking if you would like to purchase a copy. If you decline, we will continue to go up the list.

The books will be lettered A-Z on the first twenty-six, and AA, BB, CC, etc. on the remaining twenty-six. Current rebound owners will have first color choice, and the remaining colors will be available on a first come, first served basis.

This custom-bound edition of The Dark Half by Stephen King uses the page block from an original Viking trade first edition hardback.

The book is hand-sewn and bound in quarter leather with a white and black foil stamped cover and spine. The front and back boards are covered in black and white European cloth. Half of the books are bound in black leather and half in white leather. Endpapers are silkscreened in India on a navy cotton base paper. The book is housed in a custom handmade cigar-style box covered in black Quartzite slate from Italy, and lined with black velvet.

These editions are first offered to owners of the previous custom-bound book, who have right of first refusal on new titles. If a previous owner declines to purchase the new book, or one should become available for some reason, then we contact people on the wait list in the order in which the submission was received. We are currently not taking any new Wait List submissions.


Bird engravings © 1989-2018 by Lars Hokanson


  1. Brian Wubbena

    Please put me on the list.

    • Dragon Rebound Editions

      Sorry Brian, but the wait list is closed as stated on the Dark Half page. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Joe Manning

    Thrilled that you are offering more copies this time and you will make a lot more King fanatics very happy. The attention to detail as always is amazing and I wonder if you have gotten feedback from the man himself. Kudos to all involved and thanks again for being the class of the league for all things King…..

  3. Simon Mason

    I have died and gone to heaven. Bury me with my Dragon Rebounds!

    From Jerome’s “I have an idea for a really good prank” to this – amazing.

  4. Steve Mandel

    I would love to order one of these books. I was not financially able to order the original. I am now.
    If possible, please include me somehow
    Steve Mandel

  5. Caitlin jones

    I don’t understand one thing why would I give up my Signed first edition book to have it rebound ? Iam not sue I understand this Do you perhaps supply the books? Then they are rebound?
    Thank you

    • Dragon Rebound Editions

      Hi Caitlin. You do not supply the books. We purchase them and have them rebound. Thanks for asking.

  6. David Bogue

    I’m assuming the preorder emails have gone out. How long do you wait before going to the next on the list (I believe I’m on that list somewhere…)

    • Dragon Rebound Editions

      Hi David. Emails will start to go out at 9am Pacific. They will be sent to the owners of the IT rebound first. Then we will begin to send to the wait list people on or before 9am Pacific on 7/19/18. Thanks!!

  7. The quartzite slate covered traycase is just an awesome and innovative way to house the book. We’ve got scales with Eyes of the Dragon, wood with Firestarter, steel with IT, and now stone with the Dark Half. I love the textural qualities that the Dragon Rebound line of books embraces. Each one is a sensory experience and a true work of art!

  8. As with the other titles, this new one is once again stunning.
    Far from being a favorite King book, the design really matches and captures the tone of the book!

    No wonder that the book will sell out very quickly, if it’s not already the case!

  9. Paul
    I know that subscribers for the rebound DARK HALF were given the opportunity to submit a per-signed 1st edition of the book. Out of the 52 plus rebound copies how many wound up being signed?

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